Articles by Jane Arnott

Covid-19 and NZ's national State of Emergency brings Speak Up close to home
Business ethics expert Jane Arnott on Speak Up, Covid-19 and leadership challenge of the moment… As homes become both offices and community watchtowers, speaking up has been elevated as a national and cultural ‘tool for good’ and is being embraced. The sustained encouragement from our Prime Minister, Finance Minister and the NZ Police for...
Speak up: The time for sector leadership is now
Business ethics expert Jane Arnott on why the reporting of bad behaviour – and the channels for doing so – are so important for professional associations. It’s time. Sector associations, trade groups and professional bodies must actively support their members to tackle conduct risk. It’s not an unreasonable expectation. But it is multi-faceted. Providing a centralized speak...
Will.I. Am say "I will"
Business ethics expert Jane Arnott on the media storm surrounding Will. I. Am.’s run in with Qantas’ customer service… Speak up campaigns have never previously been fronted by a multifaceted chart topping rapper. Will. I. Am. may just have changed all that. Will.I.Am.’s statement “we are supposed to call out wrongdoings so we can have a
When good men do nothing
Business ethics expert Jane Arnott on the difficulty – and necessity – of having ‘courageous conversations’… When misleading and deceptive conduct, along with misrepresentation of entitlements, occurred at the scale and frequency that was recently exposed within a crown-owned earthquake claims company, we need to ask: “why didn’t anyone speak up?”  Eighteenth century Anglo Irish...
Culture is king when it comes to speaking up
Business ethics expert Jane Arnott on the New Zealand media’s baffling attitude towards truth-tellers…  Covid-19 presents a new context for speaking up. But while Governments around the world place emphasis and encourage people to report rule breaking and breaches of self isolation  – the media, almost universally, have decided to take a different tack...
The Banking Ombudsman Whistleblower Service:
A Masterstroke
The launch, by the New Zealand Banking Ombudsman, of a whistleblower service for bank staff is more than a playground nod to big banking. It is a masterstroke in leadership that speaks to proponents of...