Articles by Jane Arnott

The Grand Sham (and how it was enabled)
In the old days, writes ethics expert Jane Arnott, a ‘C’ on a school report was often accompanied by the comment ‘more effort needed’. When the NZX issued their initial discussion document outlining their intended review of the NZX Corporate Governance Code – first issued in 2017 – it was, in the nicest possible way, a C-grade when it came to their decision to overlook the inclusion of Principle 1...
Speaking up often comes down to managing loyalty
And if loyalty was an animal it would be unpredictable at best. At once nimble and intuitive but under pressure transformed to snarl and spit. That’s because at the heart of being a loyal employee is the sense of duty arising from protecting the hand that feeds...
Mind the Gap
The Protected Disclosures (Protection of Whistleblowers) Bill is about to be passed, says ethics expert Jane Arnott, but are we ignoring the truth about whistleblowing in New Zealand?
Let's talk money
Business ethics experts Jane Arnott on the place of incentivisation in whistleblowing… Last week the US Securities and Exchange Commission awarded $114 million to a whistleblower.   It was a decision that fired up the international ethics and compliance community...
The last dance: When we disconnect from society
Business expert Jane Arnott on New Zealand’s leaky buildings scandal and the power of empathy as an ethical standard… We hear little about the reasons why people choose to speak up.  What makes someone want to raise their hand up and reveal injustice, exploitation, deceit or lies, or any other form of behavior that leads...
The Winter of our Discontent
Businesses need to be prepared as post Covid-19 disruption will test everyone, writes ethics expert Jane Arnott… We are being warned. NZ’s post-Covid-19 winter is set to become a fertile season for bribery and corruption. As the impact of redundancies and business failure festers many risks will likely intensify.  These are risks that stem from...
Media critics of speak up miss the point
Business ethics expert Jane Arnott on the New Zealand media’s baffling attitude towards truth-tellers…  Covid-19 presents a new context for speaking up. But while Governments around the world place emphasis and encourage people to report rule breaking and breaches of self isolation  – the media, almost universally, have decided to take a different tack...