Articles by Jane Arnott

Many of these articles have been commissioned by Report it Now and have been made available with their support.
Leading the Herd
A major collision between two economic heavyweights found NZ headquartered Fonterra trumping globally recognised EY in the ethical leadership stakes.
Such a collision is unprecedented.
When the judge spells your name
Reputational damage, widespread media criticism, mutilation of a customer’s limb (leading to long-term financial, career and lifestyle impacts), emotional trauma to an employee (heightened by prosecution for careless driving causing injury, when he was, arguably, just doing his job)….the list goes on.
It’s a dog-eat-dog world…
Company culture can make or break a whistleblower, writes ethics expert and director of the Ethics Conversation, Jane Arnott MNZM…
Conduct risks undermine diversity initiatives
When companies acknowledge the need to increase the diversity of their workforce, they are failing to consider the conduct risks that may accrue, writes ethics expert and director of The Ethics Conversation Jane Arnott MNZM…
Why a Speak Up Culture Pays Dividends
As Auckland, Northland and other parts of New Zealand lay under siege of the weather gods, senior leadership teams of every major insurer in the country are undoubtedly preparing to either count the cost or count the claims.
In 30 seconds…your fresh choice under the Protected Disclosures Act 2022
Fear of retaliation is one thing. The ability to walk away, to become morally disengaged or to behave as if willfully blind is another. In 30 seconds you have options. And all too often its walking away that offers the path of least resistance...
Talk to Simon?
Why employees don’t use internal speak up
Simon is Simon Henry the hapless and now humbled CEO of dual listed ASX / NZX listed DGL Group...