Even ethical people can go astray by working within a culture that allow irresponsibility and unrealistic targets to creep in.
When both processes and people are involved you invite ethical risk.
There is no silver bullet for building and sustaining trust, you just cannot regulate your way to trust.

Ethics shape how we see and act on things that really matter. Professionally, personally, societally and across the business spectrum we operate in.

Somewhere along that continuum of thought, action and hope, many conversations about ethics lie waiting.

Sometimes they never reach the surface. But with The Ethics Conversation senior business leaders and their employees in the public and private sector along with professional bodies have a means of reinforcing and giving voice to ethical considerations and the culture they want.

This comes at a time when the impact of the Protected Disclosures Bill, the Privacy Act, the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Act and the Trusts Act are all beginning to be felt.


What ethics means in practice and its relevance to the marketplace
How to lift ethical awareness and minimise the risk of ethical lapses
How to build collaboration across the ethics continuum

The promotion of effective ethical thinking

The pillars of trust and the implications of trusting too much

Codes of Ethics – how to embed and build commitment

Ethics vs compliance

Conflicts of interest

Speak up – its importance, what’s involved and why silence gains favour
Values drive behaviour and ethics is the embodiment of consistent patterns of behaviour based on values but there will always be scenarios that make us question – was that the most ethical course of action I could take, or my company could expect of me?
By acknowledging and training on ethical decision-making, the embedding of ethical values and the discretionary actions that reflect ethics, sometimes at the expense of compliance, is integral to a strong and sustainable reputation.
And reputations matter. Reputations build employee and customer loyalty, attract investment and work to demonstrate a marketplace that acts in the interests of all participants.

Somewhere along that continuum of thought, action and hope, many conversations about ethics lie waiting.

The Ethics Conversation also works as market commentator and researcher –
reporting on ethical matters of substance.